Serving Forestville Residents Along the Russian River in Sonoma County, California

Fire Evacuation Guidelines

During this fire season, the Russian River County Water District urges you to follow the state and district's guidelines.
If you need to evacuate:
  • Do not water your roof or home. There is very little to no success in saving the structure by doing so.
  • Shut off your irrigation.
  • Widescale activation of sprinklers and hoses will dramatically reduce water pressure in your area and possibly system-wide.
  • By watering your roof or house, you risk running the system out of water.
  • NO Pressure + NO Water = NO Fire Protection.

Your Drinking Water Is Safe

There are no impacts from the Coronavirus to Russian River County Water District’s water system.

We want to reassure the community that Coronavirus, a respiratory illness like the flu or cold, is not spread through tap water.
Russian River County Water District uses chlorine to eliminate pathogens (this includes viruses) to ensure safe drinking water for all the customers in our service area. Your drinking water is tested regularly to ensure it meets all safe drinking water standards.

The water system management staff is highly trained and prepared for emergencies and has contingency plans in place to maintain our water supply.
Effective immediately and until further notice, water service provided by Russian River County Water District will not be terminated for nonpayment of customer bills due to financial difficulty resulting from the current crisis. And in consideration of the present crisis, any residence/business presently without water service will be reconnected without regard to nonpayment of outstanding charges.

Additionally, all late fees (if any) will be reversed. Please contact your water company (1-800-244-5518) should you see late fees assessed on your bills during this time.

Who We Are

The Russian River County Water District is a public water system established under the Water Code of the State of California. It provides fresh, safe, high-quality water for both domestic use and fire protection to just over 1,200 Forestville households nestled along the Russian River in western Sonoma County, California.

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The Russian River County Water District delivers clean, high quality potable water that consistently — and readily — surpasses health standards set by the State of California.

Our sealed wells in the Russian River plain are protected from flooding, while our series of interconnected water tanks provide water for home use and a network of high pressure fire hydrants throughout our service area.

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Water Quality

 The district tests water samples monthly and, in accordance with California Department of Public Health requirements, publishes the results in an annual Water Quality Report, mailed to each household served.

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Water Conservation

The district’s board believes that investing in efficiency is the best – and the cheapest – path toward both conserving our natural water resources and the district’s long-term economic health. Chasing these goals, the board periodically offers free low-flow toilets to replace older, water-wasting models to reduce water consumption by district customers. (Toilets have been shown to be the single biggest user of water in the average home.)

Indoor Conservation Tips

  • Find and repair leaks now
  • Install high-efficiency toilets
  • Run the dishwasher and washing machine with full loads only
  • Install water- and energy-efficient appliances
  • Install low-flow showerheads
  • Fill the bathtub halfway or less
  • Turn water off when brushing teeth or shaving

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Outdoor Conservation Tips

  •  Reduce your watering days to once or twice per week
  • Plant native or water-wise species
  • Inspect and tune up irrigation system monthly
  • Irrigate between midnight and 6AM to reduce water loss from evaporation and wind
  • Use a broom, not a hose, to clean driveway, deck or patio
  • Use a bucket and a hose with self-closing nozzle to wash the car or take your car to a carwash that recycles water
  • Cover pools and hot tubs to reduce evaporation

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