Board Schedule, Agenda & Minutes

Schedule & Agenda   •   Approved Minutes

The RRCWD board of directors meets at 5 pm on the 4th Tuesday of every month*. Until further notice, the board will be meeting on Zoom.

Very occasionally, the board must change the time and location for special public meetings, emergencies or around the end of the year, so if you plan to attend, it’s a good idea to call Russian River Utility (707-887-7735, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, M-F) to confirm. The public is always welcome. (See Zoom link below.)

Download the Current Board Agenda Packet, including Last Month’s Unapproved* Minutes
The current agenda packet is usually available a few days before the meeting.
The document is in PDF format. You may need to refresh or reload your browser to see the latest agenda.

Current documents are only available a few days before the meeting:
** (Download/View Current Agenda Packet by clicking here.) **
(Download/View Current Warrants by clicking here.) **

* Unapproved minutes from a board meeting will be read by the board members, corrected and approved at the next board meeting.

2023 – Board Schedule

Note: All 2023 Board Meetings will be at 5 PM.
Public: Please arrive 5-10 minutes early.

• Tuesday, January 24, 5 PM (Videoconference)
• Tuesday, February 21, 5 PM Special Meeting (Videoconference)
• Tuesday, February 28, 5 PM (Videoconference)

• Tuesday, March 28, 5 PM – In-Person Only – Location below.
• Tuesday, April 25, 5 PM
• Tuesday, May 23, 5 PM
• Tuesday, Jun 27, 5 PM
• Tuesday, July 25, 5 PM
• Tuesday, August 22, 5 PM
• Tuesday, September 26, 5 PM
• Tuesday, October 24, 5 PM
• Tuesday, November 28, 5 PM
• Tuesday, December 19, 5 PM

As of March 28, 2023 Board Meetings will be In-Person.

7050 Covey Rd., Forestville
At Laguna High School (the former El Molino High School).
In the large library across the hall from the public library.

Enter through the double doors by the public library large drop-off boxes.
Park in large, adjacent parking lot.
The meetings will be in the large, comfy library across the hall from the public library.

Board Approved Minutes
The board has approved the minutes for the following board meetings.
• RRCWD-ApprovedMinutes2-21-23 (Special Meeting)
• RRCWD-ApprovedMinutes1-24-23
• RRCWD-ApprovedMinutes12-27-22
• RRCWD-ApprovedMinutes11-22-22
• RRCWD-ApprovedMinutes10-25-22
You can request to see earlier dates by calling: 707-887-7735 or 1-800-244-5518.