Conservation & Sustainability

The district’s board believes that investing in efficiency is the best – and the cheapest – path toward both conserving our natural water resources and the district’s long-term economic health. Chasing these goals, the board periodically offers free low-flow toilets to replace older, water-wasting models to reduce water consumption by district customers. (Toilets have been shown to be the single biggest user of water in the average home.)

Since each household served by the district has a private septic system, low-flow toilets, by dramatically reducing the wastewater needing treatment, help to extend the working life of each homeowner’s septic leach field, to the benefit of public health and each connection’s property value.

Free faucet aerators and low-flow showerheads are available to district customers at the office of the district’s system manager, Russian River Utility (7131 Mirabel Road, across from the fire station) in Forestville.

To enable customers to track their water use over time, a notation on each month’s bill allows comparison to the amount of water used during the same period of the prior year.

Using less water more efficiently also has the happy consequence of reducing wear and tear on the district’s pumps, pipelines and valves, extending the working life of the entire, quite-expensive, water system while saving our limited, precious natural water resources.