Service Area / Facilities

Service Area
The district’s boundaries extend from just west of Speer’s Market on Mirabel Road, along River Road to the western edge of Summerhome Park, about one mile downstream from the Hacienda Bridge.

The households served include those in the communities of Rio Dell, Hollydale, Russian River Terrace, Summerhome Park, Hacienda and Rural Canyon, located to the southwest and isolated from the rest of the district.

The district draws its water from two sealed 100-foot wells in the floodplain of the Russian River. The wells — and the high-quality water they produce — are unaffected by floodwaters. From the two wells, all water flows through a treatment facility, which adds a disinfectant and a corrosion-control chemical.

A series of interconnected steel water storage tanks spread throughout the district, stores the treated water. Total storage capacity of these tanks is 840,000 gallons. A network of over 125 high-pressure fire hydrants in locations approved by the Forestville Fire Department provides fire protection.

Each name in gold shows where the different Improvement Zones are.
The first Improvement Zones were Russian River Terrace and Rio Del in 1983.
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