Fire Evacuation Guidelines

Customers of the Russian River County Water District:
During the fire season, the Russian River County Water District urges you to follow the guidelines below.

By following these guidelines, you are ensuring the availability of water resources needed by our first responders to fight fires.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your water being shut off and subsequent fines.

If you need to evacuate:

  • Do not water your roof or home. There is very little to no success in saving the structure by doing so.
  • Shut off your irrigation.
  • Widescale activation of sprinklers and hoses will dramatically reduce water pressure in your area and possibly system-wide.
  • By watering your roof or house, you risk running the system out of water.
  • NO Pressure + NO Water = NO Fire Protection.

Help keep our firefighting resources where they are needed the most –
in the water system, not on your roof!

We value you and your efforts in complying with these guidelines. Be safe, and be well.

Please call 707-887-7735 or email if you have any questions.

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