Reading Your Water Meters

The District’s meter reader, while reading each customer’s meter, often finds an indication that there may be a water leak on the customer’s property. The leak may be in the service line to the residence, a running toilet, or some break in the water line under the house.

The meter reader will attempt to contact the resident, or ask our customer representative to phone the residence. If it is a significant leak, then the meter will be turned off and a note will be left on the door. A note will also be made on the customer’s water bill. In any event, telephone contact will be made to notify the status of the water service.

Often customers will call when suspecting a leak. Please feel free to call our 24-hour telephone number — 707-887-7735 — and an operator will respond.

To make the reading of your meter always possible, make sure no cars or other heavy objects are on top of your water meter. If so, your meter may not be able to be read that month and your usage will have to be estimated based on average usage which could be more or less than the water you used.

In this case, the next time your meter is read, your next bill could be higher than expected.