RRCWD Yearly Budget

See the 2023-2024 FY Budget

RRCWD Budget Graphic

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Annual Assessment/Tax Roll

There is an annual assessment of $30.00 for capital improvements and operations expenses placed on each home’s property tax.

Included in your property tax bill is a special assessment under RUSSIAN RIVER COUNTY WATER DISTRICT. The below tax roll reflects the Parcel Assessment Number and adjacent is the assessment amount. The funds collected are for the maintenance, construction, or reconstruction of water systems within the District. For questions, please call 707-887-7735.

See the 2023-2024 FY Tax Roll

RRCWD Tax Role Graphic

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RRCWD Yearly Audit

Every year, RRCWD is required to do an audit with an independent auditor. The fiscal year spans from July 1 to June 30. Throughout the audit is seen a comparison to the prior year’s audit.

See the Audit Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2023

RRCWD Yearly Audit Graphic

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RRCWD Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs)

Every year, RRCWD is required to mail out its Consumer Confidence Report. It shows the details of the results of monitoring between certain dates as required by State and Federal Regulations.

RRCWD Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs) Graphic

To see the CCR reports from over the years, go: the Water Quality page.

RRCWD District Codes

Russian River County Water District has a set of codes which govern the rates, payment of bills, termination of water service, personnel, district officers, connection fees and more.

Anyone interested in seeing these codes is welcome to do so by going into the office at the Russian River Utility office at 7131 Mirabel Road, Forestville. Call here if you have any questions:
Phone: 1-707-887-7735
Toll Free: 1-800-325-8001