Water Rates

July 1, 2022
Monthly water bills have two parts:

(1) Flat charges:

  • Single Family Dwellings – $22.12 per month
  • Duplexes or Properties with a Second Unit – $33.17 per month
  • Triplexes – $44.22 per month

The flat charges pay for services that must be provided regardless of the amount of water delivered, including meter reading, facility maintenance, billing and customer service; and

(2) A consumption charge to reflect the amount of water used, billed according to a four-tiered rate structure. The structure for single family dwellings is as follows:

  • $2.21 per thousand gallons for the first 2,000 gallons
  • $3.32 per thousand gallons for the next 2,000 gallons
  • $4.43 per thousand for the next 4,000 gallons
  • $6.64 per thousand for all usage exceeding 8,000 gallons

Russian River Utility staff read meters and issue bills monthly.

RRCWD Yearly Budget
See the Reports page for current budget.

Annual Assessment/Tax Roll
There is also an annual assessment of $30.00 for capital improvements and operations expenses placed on each home’s property tax.

Included in your property tax bill is a special assessment under RUSSIAN RIVER COUNTY WATER DISTRICT. The below tax roll reflects the Parcel Assessment Number and adjacent is the assessment amount. The funds collected are for the maintenance, construction, or reconstruction of water systems within the District. For questions, please call 707-887-7735.

See the Reports page for current tax rolls.

Our Fiscal Challenges
It is important to understand some of the fiscal challenges the district faces.

The majority of the Russian River County Water District’s pipes, pumps and other infrastructure were built and installed in the 1980s, meaning that repairs to the mostly now-aging system can be expected to increase in both frequency and cost during the coming years if safe levels of fire protection and water delivery to all customers are to be maintained.

The board is also aware of the need to have a capital reserve fund on hand in case of a regional catastrophe (e.g., earthquake) that could cause serious damage to portions of our water system and leave us on our own to make very major repairs quickly, even if other government resources eventually become available.

Want to know more? Attend the board meetings: The 4th Tuesday of most months. Check out our Board Schedule page for dates.

Saving Water Is Especially Important Now
Ways to save water (and possibly on your monthly charges) can be found in the Conservation & Sustainability section.

Russian River County Water District has a set of codes which govern the rates, payment of bills, termination of water service, personnel, district officers, connection fees and more. Anyone interested in seeing these codes is welcome to do so by going into the office at the Russian River Utility office at 7131 Mirabel Road, Forestville. Call 707-887-7735 if you have any questions.